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Welcome to Tana Exploration, a growing independent oil and gas company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Founded by seasoned industry executives, we are dedicated to delivering significant value to our partnerships. We leverage our technical and operating expertise to identify prospects, maximize production and complement our internal growth projects with strategic acquisitions. Tana Exploration brings a unique combination of skills and capabilities to our partnerships, setting us apart from the competition.

Featured Property


VK 740 Napoleon Prospect

WD: 936’

Est Res: 

PTMD: 10,500'

PTVD: 10,400’

DHC: $20MM

CC: $30MM

WI/NRI: 100%/80.25%

Tana is making up to 50% available on a “1/3 for 1/4 “ promoted basis as to the well costs to casing point plus reimbursement of your proportionate share of the land and G&G costs which total $1.8MM.

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